Next day dedicated express van delivery service to Northern and Southern Ireland

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For ugent dedicated deliveries within UK & Europe call: +44 (0) 1684 213900

For Urgent Deliveries To & From Northern and Southern Ireland

Collection anywhere in the UK or Europe within 60 minutes for Next day delivery to Northern and Southern Ireland!

Bluestone International excels in express van delivery services, adeptly connecting both Northern and Southern Ireland with the UK. They specialise in time-critical deliveries, handling fragile and high-value freight with utmost care and expertise. Their services extend beyond transportation, offering comprehensive ATA Carnet and custom clearance solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient customs process for cross-border shipments.

Small Vans

Able to carry x1 standard UK pallet
Maximum payload 500kg
Approx. x2 cubic metres

4m Panel Vans

Able to carry x4 standard UK pallets
Maximum payload: 1050kg
Approx. 13 cubic metres

Luton Van / Curtainsider

Able to carry x6 standard UK/8 EU pallets
Total payload 1050kg
Tail Lifts available
Approx. 14 cubic metres

Dedicated Van Service

A Spectrum of Customised Delivery and Customs Solutions

Bluestone International offers a vast array of transport solutions, tailored to each client’s unique needs. This includes specialised vehicles like curtain-sided and thermo vans for sensitive deliveries. Their expertise in ATA Carnet services simplifies the temporary import and export process, making them a one-stop solution for international shipping requirements.

Understanding the unique nature of each shipment, Bluestone International provides bespoke services, especially vital for fragile, high-value, and time-critical deliveries. Their comprehensive ATA Carnet and custom clearance services ensure that all paperwork and regulatory requirements are expertly managed, allowing for hassle-free cross-border transportation.

Dedicated Van Service

Tailored Services for Diverse Delivery and Customs Needs

Dedicated Van Service

Innovative Technology in Time-Critical Logistics and Customs Handling

Employing cutting-edge technology, Bluestone International guarantees transparency in delivery and customs processes. Their advanced tracking systems and expertise in ATA Carnet and custom clearance services provide clients with peace of mind, ensuring that every shipment is not only timely but also compliant with international trade regulations.


Expertise in Cross-Border Shipping and Customs Regulations

Bluestone International's expertise extends to navigating the complexities of shipping and customs regulations between Ireland and the UK. Their in-depth knowledge of ATA Carnet and custom clearance processes ensures efficient and seamless handling of cross-border formalities, making them an invaluable logistics and customs partner.


Diverse Fleet for Varied Shipping Needs

Their diverse fleet, crucial for handling fragile and high-value shipments, includes vehicles equipped for various cargo types. The availability of curtain-sided and thermos vans ensures that temperature-sensitive and delicate goods are transported safely. Additionally, their proficiency in ATA Carnet and custom clearance services facilitates the smooth transport of goods requiring temporary import or export.


Competitive Pricing for Comprehensive Services

Offering a balance of quality and affordability, Bluestone International ensures clients receive exceptional logistical and customs services at competitive prices. Their expertise in ATA Carnet and custom clearance services adds significant value to their comprehensive delivery solutions.

Daily door-to-door departures
for Austria

Expansive Reach Across Northern and Southern Ireland and the UK

Their network covers Northern and Southern Ireland and extends across the UK, ensuring comprehensive delivery and customs services. Their expertise in ATA Carnet and custom clearance processes ensures no destination is beyond their service scope.

Bluestone International is more than a logistics provider; they are a key partner in your supply chain, offering specialised services for time-critical, fragile, and high-value deliveries, along with expert ATA Carnet and custom clearance solutions. Their diverse fleet and comprehensive customs services meet every logistical challenge between Ireland and the UK.

Experience the best in express van delivery and customs services with Bluestone International. For urgent, fragile, or high-value shipping needs across Ireland and the UK, including ATA Carnet and custom clearance services, contact us at +44 1684 213900 or request a quote at https://bluestoneinternational.co.uk.


Our diverse fleet includes specially equipped vans for fragile and high-value freight, ensuring safe and timely delivery.


Yes, our services cover both Northern and Southern Ireland, and extend across the entire UK.

Absolutely! We provide real-time tracking for all shipments, giving you complete visibility from start to finish.

We prioritise safety through stringent security protocols and careful handling, ensuring your items are delivered intact.

Yes, we are committed to sustainability, using fuel-efficient vehicles and optimised routes to reduce our environmental impact.

Our service is versatile enough to handle a wide range of items, from parcels to bulky goods and temperature-sensitive products.


You can request a quote by contacting us at +44 1684 213900 or visiting our website at https://bluestoneinternational.co.uk.

Yes, we provide same-day and next-day deliveries for urgent shipping requirements.

Our expertise in cross-border logistics includes handling customs regulations and ATA Carnet services, ensuring smooth deliveries.

Yes, we offer flexible  collection and delivery options to suit your schedule and requirements.

Discover Bluestone International’s Express Van Delivery Services, specialising in time-critical, fragile, and high-value freight across Ireland and the UK. Contact us for reliable, efficient logistics and customs solutions.