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Do you need to transport dangerous goods to Europe?

Freight classified as dangerous goods? We can help

We can deliver your dangerous goods safely and securely to all countries across Europe.

Chemicals, paints, batteries, alcohol and electrical items can all be classified as dangerous goods. They need extra handling and we have the experience.

We are trusted and experience professionals for handling freight, groupage, part loads and express deliveries containing dangerous goods.

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We are specialists in dangerous goods.

Do you have dangerous goods?  How do you know?

Dangerous goods are ANY products that can be become unsafe during transport and delivery. Correct handling and delivery is vital.

It’s not just the obvious explosives and flammable goods that can be classified as dangerous.  Everyday products including batteries, mobile phones and perfume can fall into the category of dangerous goods when transporting to and across Europe.

They all need separate classification to ensure they are stored, handled and delivered correctly.

We can assess the needs of your goods. We have the expertise to advise you on the best way to transport your goods to Europe and make sure they are delivered in the safest way possible.

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Taking responsibility for dangerous goods

As the shipper or sender, it’s your responsibility. We can help you work out which goods may be hazardous and give you peace of mind by making sure they are handled correctly in transit to Europe.  Regulations change, but if you fail to declare them properly you could get a fine. So trust us to deliver on this. And make sure you tell us about the contents of all your dangerous goods freight to Europe.

The categories of dangerous goods


Goods which pose a mass explosion hazard, a projection hazard a fire or minor blast hazard. It also includes goods which may be categorised as dangerous good when ignited. Also goods which are insensitive but are categorised as blasting agents. And even those which are insensitive and do not pose a mass explosion hazard can be included.

Flammable Solids

Substances liable to spontaneous combustion and substances which emit flammable gases when in contact with water.


Gases considered Dangerous Goods are those which are compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure.

Flammable Liquids

Any liquid or solution which emits a flammable vapour that may pose a threat at certain temperatures.

Oxidising Substances

Any goods which are not necessarily dangerous in themselves but can cause other materials and substances to become dangerous if incorrectly handled.

Toxic and Infectious Substances

Pose a health and safety risk to humans or animals through inhalation, ingestion or contact with the skin when incorrectly handled.

Radioactive Material

Containing radionuclides where the activity concentration and total activity exceed the specified values.


Can cause severe damage to other materials, living tissues or surroundings through chemical decomposition.

Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Other hazardous goods which do not fit into any of the other 8 classifications. Can include environmentally hazardous substances, substances requiring transport at higher temperatures,  miscellaneous substances, genetically modified organisms & microorganisms, substances with magnetic properties, aviation regulated substances.