Need a fast, reliable dedicated van delivery to or from Turkey?

* Opportunity to save costs, and still meet deadlines?

* 24/7, database of over 50,000 vehicles

*Reliable, trusted and always deliver on time from Turkey

* Guaranteed collection within 2hrs anywhere in Turkey, book now! regions?


Collection anywhere in the UK or Europe within 2 hrs for Next day delivery to Turkey!

We specialise in express delivery to Turkey. We collect from UK and mainland Europe and can ensure next-day delivery to Turkey.  All loads are satellite-tracked with proof of delivery.

Flexible freight service – Turkey

Bluestone International provides a complete range of freight services to Turkey:

* express delivery to Turkey.
* next-day delivery to Turkey.
* standard delivery to Turkey.
* haulage, groupage and part-loads by road to Turkey.
* daily refrigerated transport services.

with delivery times and prices suited to your requirements and to your budget. We also offer air freight delivery to Turkey.

Turkey freight specialists

Bluestone International has years of experience in freight delivery to Turkey. As well as regularly delivering to Turkey’s major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya, our dedicated road haulage network ensures fast freight delivery to any part of Turkey.

We have built a strong reputation for haulage to Turkey’s key industries, including clothing, textiles, ADR chemicals, chemicals, electronics, home appliances, agricultural machinery, automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, packaging, food and fresh produce. We also import to the UK with refrigerated transport services.

Specialist freight services to Turkey

Bluestone offers a complete range of freight services to Turkey including vans, curtain-siders, refrigerated vehicles and 45-ft trailers. We’re highly experienced in groupage and part loads for Turkey. We deal with a wide variety of haulage: small loads, all pallet sizes, and larger freight.

For high-value, time-sensitive and critical express deliveries to Turkey we offer air freight and  dedicated charted planes into Turkey’s airports. You can look to us for excellent freight services into Turkey in:

* High-value loads to Turkey. We are experienced in handling precious cargo, from rare artworks to valuable components.

* Fragile freight to Turkey. Fully-insured freight services to Turkey with all details taken care of and extra care at every stage.

* Time-critical express deliveries. Perishable goods and time-sensitive, just-in-time deliveries to Turkey.

* Secure goods to Turkey. We can provide additional levels of security for assured, safe delivery.

Daily refrigerated transport services

Bluestone International’s expertise encompasses refrigerated vans and trailers for next-day delivery to Turkey. Our refrigerated vehicles in Turkey operate daily and our next-day delivery includes import of perishable and frozen items from Turkey to the UK. 

Trusted network, haulage to Turkey

Turkey is a large country. Largely in West Asia, around 3% of the total country is in Europe but this portion houses more than 10% of the population. Turkey has a developing and relatively fast-growing economy. Istanbul is an important city which stands at the gateway between Europe and Asia. Other cities include its capital Ankara, towards the country’s centre, Antalya on the southern coast and Izmir on the western side of the country. Turkey is bordered by Greece, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Georgia and Bulgaria and draws in commerce from those regions plus Russia and the Middle East. We can offer a reliable service to get your goods there quickly and securely, using our network of trusted operators

Daily door-to-door departures for Turkey

* Express 24-48 hours. Express shipment to all major Turkish cities and beyond.

* Full loads 48-72 hours.  Let us know your requirements for full loads – from vans to trucks and curtain-siders.

* Part loads 3-5 days. Regular part load haulage from UK & Europe across Turkey.

* Groupage 4-7 days. Call us so we can discuss all your requirements and let us handle your groupage deliveries to Turkey.

* Air freight 24-48 hours. We can offer a full range of air freight services to Turkey, including chartered options. 

* Refrigerated transport services 24-48 hours. We are experts in the import of fresh foods from Turkey.